These are my personal favorites (random order).

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You Can Call a Dog a Chicken, But It Doesn’t Mean It Will Grow a Beak 2/18/16

(issue: my personal stance on relationships and why I hate dating)

excerpt: “I’m apathetic (if not against) placing a label between me and a person of interest, because by labeling a connection you DEFINE it as such. You restrict the development of its dynamic nature by dictating what it is and what it should be.”


Hungry, Happy, Horny 9/16/15

(issue: our misconception of desire)

excerpt: “The mistake that my ego makes consistently, even with knowledge of the fact that I am making it, is in selectively drawing memories. There is an immediate instinct to draw positive memories from a pleasurable physiological reaction, so when I smell something as trivial as a cookie or a man, I am initially blindsided by a flood of how good I remember it feeling, rather than how sucky I may feel afterwards. I lose sight that I am actually allergic to wheat and that the body scent belongs to an unavailable mind.”


Whoever Said Ignorance is Bliss Was Wrong 3/14/13

(issue: the relative standard of happiness)

excerpt: “You may argue: ‘Just because I tell myself I am happy doesn’t mean I will feel happy.’ It isn’t about telling, or commanding yourself. It is about gaining perspective.”



I for an I 10/29/15

(issue: why we should swallow our pride when life is unfair)

excerpt: “To be the bigger man could mean losing a tinge of self worth, but it lies parallel to humbling yourself and raising the significance of others – even if they are undeserving. Because, to put it simply, you couldn’t possibly know what others deserve.”


STOP This Nonsense 12/3/13

(issue: a response to a gay hate comment)

excerpt: “We fear what we don’t know, we get offended by any opinion that opposes ours, and we look down on what is different …as long as it’s the wrong kind of different.”


I 7/18/15

(issue: understanding body and mind)

excerpt: “My muscles quiver, overwhelmed with purpose, shuddering and hiccuping inconsolably, as a distraught youth caught in a hysterical sob.”


Not All Who Wander Are Lost 9/23/15

(issue: a poem on how we should continue learning about ourselves)

excerpt: “That draws me closer as it pulls / farther and / farther / Away / Like a high that is chased but eluded / From the veins of a man whose wrinkles tell a story of absent solace.”


Free Blunt 9/30/13

(issue: an honest dick is better than a sweet liar)

excerpt: “And most importantly, don’t get comfortable with white lies, or the white lies will get comfortable with you. Last thing you want cuddling beside you on a casual Friday night is your own snug creation, because it will not only deceive others but it will soon deceive you as well.”


You Have to Die, But You Don’t Have to Live 2/17/13

(issue: how I lost my grandfather)

excerpt: “A man who feared his loss of independence ultimately diminished to a state where he couldn’t recognize fear itself.”


The Person Who Taught Me About Love Was Not My Lover 2/14/16

(issue: a reason to focus less on yourself and more on others)

excerpt: “It doesn’t give us the right to judge who is more worthy of charity. Regardless of their intention and situation, people still need help.”


Cocaine Isn’t The Only Thing 10/16/15

(issue: on anxiety and it can be of benefit)

excerpt: “Use anxiety as a crutch rather than a handicap, through practice of the third party perspective. Despite what you’ve heard, practice doesn’t make perfect, nor will it be easy, yet control over anxiety is attainable as your mind accepts it to be.”


Keep Calm and Carry on Fishing 6/6/12

(issue: why breakups are not as bad as they seem)

excerpt: “The brain holds knowledge and the heart pumps blood; what do you think I’m going to listen to?”


What Did You Call Me 6/29/13

(issue: why you shouldn’t mistake ambition for arrogance)

excerpt: “When we see the words “Because I can,” she might ask why? But I ask why not?”


Smart is Sexy and I Know It 8/11/12

(issue: how you can fail school but still be the smartest person in the room)

excerpt: “These brains we have been presented with are the strongest tools to grace the Earth, and it would be a damn shame to keep it locked in the tool shed.”


How To Lose Fat By Being Fat 5/10/16

(issue: the truth about fat and the importance of fact checking)

excerpt: “The common consumer of knowledge will use this information and produce the take-home message along the lines of: cold temperatures will make me slimmer. Brown fat is the new brown rice.


Don’t Be Angry 5/11/12

(issue: a reason to let things go)

excerpt: “Why dwell in emotional poison, like an uncivilized beast, when it can do nothing for me?”


Warped and Wound 9/6/13

(issue: a huge turning point in my life)

excerpt: “I slowly savored the fragrant release of each bite and tried to fully understand the very essential experience of a mushroom, and after a few attempts, I was able to shed my dislike for it.”


Starbucks Today Is Sad 9/13/15

(issue: an argument at the cash register)

excerpt: “As he resumed counting the change, I questioned myself. Am I high? Well yes, but — Am I wrong?”


Mobile Tide 3/23/15

(issue: creative narrative of a stranger on the subway)

excerpt: “The moisture streaked across her cheeks quickly evaporated, only to be replaced with the next wave of salty tears. Her face reminded me of the sea.”


Sir, You Have a Daughter 8/7/14

(issue: a poem on the impossible standard of being a Korean daughter)

excerpt: “She was only in fourth grade when you stopped seeing her as your daughter / but as a number upon a scale / that couldn’t measure the amount of laps she’d have to swim / to fit your standards. Or a shirt.”


Damage Control 7/24/14

(issue: the reason why I blog)

excerpt: “I feel this ridiculous urge to announce what looks and feels good to me, as if reaffirming my joy and your belief in the fact would do it more justice,”