About Me

It’s quite the daunting task to try and illustrate my entirety in such few words. I could tell you that I’m simplistic, introspective, assertive, extroverted, engaging, and lighthearted, but all that goes to show you is that I have a better vocabulary than a 4th grader. I could mention that I’m a fan of nature, food, fitness, and Fridays, but that wouldn’t narrow down the population nearly enough for you to visualize the kind of person I am.

When I am prompted to write about myself in a blurb such as this one, I hesitate. I feel like it’s my turn infront of the class at show and tell, and I’m standing there describing what I would’ve brought in had I not left it at home. I could tell you, but I can’t show you through a vague list of adjectives the person I was, am, and intend to be.

I remember being on a road trip in Philly when my AAU coach pulled me aside. I thought he was going to run over a play with me, but instead, he said, “Jane, you… are a storyteller. Do not let it go to waste.”

What, Coach?

Wrapping a firm grip around my right shoulder, he huddled in closer. “I just watched you entertain a crowd for over an hour. You have this ability to turn life into a story. And people listen. They listen! You know how hard it is to keep a group of teenagers focused on what you have to say? I still haven’t figured it out.”

He stared so intently I wondered if he could see past my pupils. I hadn’t seen him this serious since the double OT last month. “Basketball will get you far, but writing, story telling, will get you further. You are your words.”

I am my words.

Through each deliberately yet honestly arranged text, I expose myself for interpretation. I could tell you, but I’d rather show you and have you figure it out for yourself. This blog is my canvas. I am the paint.



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